Our Process

How we implement

Your cannabis ERP implementation solution is only as strong as the partner who implements it.

At Silver Leaf CBC, our consultants perform a high-touch discovery process to understand your system as it is and configure something that works best for you.

Then we’ll build out a roadmap to hold everyone accountable and we’ll follow through.

We’ll start with an overview of your current state.

  1. What are your unique business needs?
  2. Who needs to be involved?
  3. What is your ideal system?

Our team

We’ve spent 30 years implementing business solutions, and 19 of them working in NAV / Business Central – the foundation of Silver Leaf CBC. Our team’s deep expertise in ERP software, manufacturing, and distribution brings high value to every cannabis ERP implementation.

Meet the Team

cannabis ERP implementation images

Training and ongoing support

  • We train your team throughout the cannabis ERP implementation process to ensure the solution makes sense for your business. We’re also available for in-person discovery and go-live because there’s nothing more stressful than making critical decisions without the right information and support.
  • After implementing your system, we will continue your ongoing support – this is something we refuse to outsource.  You won’t be waiting in an endless queue, or saving all your questions for the next support conference. You deserve to speak with someone who knows your product and your environment so you can get you the solution you need when you need it.