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marijuana business conferenceWe’re recently back from MJBizCon, the annual Marijuana Business Conference. Typically, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but in this case we just had to share a few of the highlights. MJBizCon 2017 enjoyed record attendance with over 18,000 cannabis business leaders and investors. There were more than 110 speakers and 678 exhibitors. Clearly, the cannabis industry has momentum behind it. We visited with both established and fledgling cannabis business leaders over the course of the event, and what we learned from them reinforces what we know from own cannabis industry clients: To set a company on a path to success, you need the powerful combination of cannabis business management software and a capable business partner.

Solutions stem from innovative companies

During our 30 years in the business management solution space, we’ve worked with myriad companies in distribution, manufacturing and services industries, and at every stage of the corporate lifecycle. When we meet these companies, though, they all share something in common: their business management software (or lack thereof) is causing problems for the organization. And it’s our calling to help those companies implement the tools, processes and practices that lead to successful outcomes.

We’ve noticed that companies in more established industries are often tentative about embracing change; first choosing workarounds and adopting manual workflows to try to accommodate the shortcomings of inadequate financial and operational management software systems. Conversely, and likely stemming from their role as catalysts in a budding, innovative industry, cannabis company leaders are quick to recognize the need for scalable, flexible and vertically-integrated financial management software. They are more likely to embrace ERP solutions early on in their company’s operation, establishing a solid foundation on which to build the business.

To help these cannabis business entrepreneurs meet the industry challenges, Silverware has crafted a pre-configured ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that will meet many of the demands of your cannabis business. And for those businesses with unique requirements, Silverware’s development team can implement specialized functionality, leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, known worldwide for its flexibility.

Joint operations

After attending the Marijuana Business Conference, one can’t help but appreciate the enthusiasm and determination of cannabis business leaders as they work –  against some significant obstacles –  to build their own businesses and grow the legitimacy of the industry overall. Silverware is proud of our cannabis industry customers and the work we’ve done with them, and would love the opportunity to work with you to achieve your company’s goals.

To learn more about how ERP can help your cannabis business, contact us.