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Metrc Compliant Software Benefits

Metrc Compliant Software graphicAs a licensed cannabis operator with multiple information systems that need to be kept up to date and in sync, management of data and data entry creates opportunity for labor intensive, high-risk business activities on a day-to-day basis – especially when considering state-mandated compliance using Metrc compliant software.

Maintaining data in seed-to-sale tracking systems such as Metrc, separate from your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or inventory-tracking software, can often be a full-time job. It can take several individuals within an organization to ensure that data in both (or more) systems is accurate, consistent, and easy to reconcile.

It is a common misconception among cannabis operators that an end-to-end Metrc integration requiring zero manual intervention with outside systems is possible. This is not correct. An integration to Metrc compliant software can certainly offer opportunity to streamline data management within a Metrc license, but not between licenses, as there is a Metrc-created block in place preventing the submission of manifests from outside of the Metrc tracking system. For more on this, see The Truth About Metrc Integration for Cannabis Manufacturers.

Silverware created a cannabis-focused software solution – Silver Leaf CBC, built on Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Central, – that effectively integrates with Metrc. Silver Leaf CBC allows users to take advantage of the full benefits of a best-in-class ERP software solution enhanced for the cannabis industry, while maintaining full regulatory compliance in the state-mandated track and trace system.

Check out the other seven areas that Silver Leaf CBC (with its integration to Metrc compliant software) can help with to streamline process, save time and money, and improve overall visibility into business operations:

1. Master Data

With Silver Leaf CBC’s integration to Metrc compliant software, the overall burden of keeping master records up to date between systems is minimized. Examples of master data includes Products (Items) and Strains, Product Descriptions, Item Categories & Types, and Units of Measure. Locations and Rooms within Metrc can also sync to your Locations and Bins within Business Central.

Through integration, you can set records up in ERP and push the data automatically into Metrc – thereby reducing the likelihood of error, while simultaneously creating and maintaining the related master data list for these same records in Metrc. This helps ensure that all reports generated from either system provide the same information on where inventory is physically stored within a licensed facility.

2. Inventory, Manufacturing and Tag Management

The management of physical inventory and record-keeping required is a challenge for all cannabis operators. Operators must create, maintain, and store time-sensitive and highly detailed inventory and production batch records related to the movement, manufacture, adjustment, destruction, and lab testing of any regulated goods.

Specifically, keeping an up-to-date and exact account of inventory by UID (Unique ID) tags can be time-consuming within Metrc. Using Silver Leaf CBC’s integration to Metrc, a cannabis operator can leverage the ease of use of the ERP to view, maintain, and reconcile inventory by unique tag ID within one system, which will then result in the same activities occurring within Metrc. This dramatically reduces the opportunity for user error and supplies a much higher level of visibility to the organization’s inventory and business activities by capitalizing on the strengths of the ERP.

When performing manufacturing activities, the consumption and production of inventory can often be difficult to track, especially when managing the data across two systems with processes in each having different data entry requirements. This can be difficult for the business as well as the end users responsible for day-to-day transactions. With Metrc integration, the end user can perform the activities related to the creation of a new batch of goods, raw materials, and/or finished goods within one system, and then Silver Leaf CBC will send and record the matching transaction data within Metrc.

A cannabis operator’s day-to-day business activities include recording inventory adjustments and the destruction of inventory of spoiled or unusable goods or materials. These actions can be easily managed by Silver Leaf CBC’s integration to Metrc, allowing for full traceability of transactions and related required details.

3. Manifests for Purchasing and Sales

It can be time consuming to receive regulated inventory from a vendor or ship goods to a customer when it requires data entry of manifest information into multiple systems.

Silver Leaf CBC’s Metrc integration facilitates the update of outbound shipment Metrc manifest documents by sending data keyed into Business Central. Information such as the relevant cannabis licenses, driver information, and package details in Metrc can be templated and converted into manifests. Additionally, Silver Leaf CBC’s integration allows users to extract inventory detail from inbound Metrc manifests and match it to the purchase document within Business Central. This reduces duplicate data entry requirements and improves accuracy of data in both systems.

4. Cultivation Activities

Data input for teams focused on cultivation activities within cannabis facilities is often the most labor-intensive task for users. This, coupled with consistent growth and change within operations, poses a challenge for most cannabis operators. Using Silver Leaf CBC’s integration, data entry pertaining to cloning, phase changes of plants, destruction of inventory and the final harvest of biomass can be managed solely via Business Central and then automatically sent to Metrc compliant software.

Silverware’s Cultivation module was designed to track business data specific to an operator focused on capturing analytical information such as wet and dry weights and plant waste – all of which can be transmitted to Metrc. Additionally, functionality within Silver Leaf CBC Cultivation provides ease of use for bulk actions related to plants (movements, phase changes, manicuring). That information is automatically sent to Metrc, providing cannabis operators more time to focus on optimizing plant growth, planning and forecasting of harvests through leveraging robust ERP functionality.

5. Certificates of Analysis and Test Results

Another labor-intensive function for cannabis companies (using multiple information systems) is the tracking of certificates of analysis containing test results from third party labs.

The volume of data is often more than expected. Silver Leaf CBC’s integration can access test result data available in Metrc compliant software that normally needs to be double entered into the ERP. With the integration, the information can be transmitted directly from Metrc and imported into inventory quality control documents. This not only allows for a single system to be leveraged to access the data, but also provides more sophisticated traceability of additional quality control information.

6. User Traceability

It is almost universal within legal jurisdictions where Metrc is required that all user actions performed must be traceable. Detailed information must report where, when, and who performed the action(s) affecting a licensee’s Metrc instance. When using Silver Leaf CBC’s Metrc compliant software integration, cannabis operators can trust that users’ actions are being traced across both systems accurately, using each user’s unique API key provisioned in Metrc.

7. System Data Reconciliation

Regardless of how careful a team tries to be, errors can occur. Improper usage or unplanned operational events demand the need for a process that will reconcile data between Metrc and the ERP, as it is critical to have an auditable transactional record. Due to how time consuming manually reconciling records can be, required corrections are often missed or updated incorrectly.

With Silver Leaf CBC’s Metrc integration, users have access to a tool built specifically for aligning the two systems when mistakes are posted or found. This tool can generate a report of all existing inventory in Metrc and Business Central and allow for the adjustment of quantities in ERP, Metrc or both, to maintain consistency and accuracy of record-keeping in both systems.

While cannabis businesses can be successful at entering data into multiple systems, there is a high degree of risk associated with this practice. At a minimum, it is frustrating and time consuming, as well as being an inefficient use of employee time. The bottom line: operating without Metrc integration requires an arduous business process for reconciling data between systems.

Leveraging an integration from an ERP offers the opportunity to streamline business processes and enables users and stakeholders to trust the systems they use. Ultimately, it allows cannabis operators to spend more time training end users, implementing consistent business operations with one point of data entry, and to spend less time fixing errors that can cause a business to be out of compliance or leave them lacking a clear picture of their data.

To learn more about Silver Leaf CBC’s capabilities beyond compliance, contact us here. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have or we can set up a demo.