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A young professional learning how to Manage Multiple Cannabis Companies in Dynamics Business CentralAt Silverware Inc., we understand there are a variety of factors impacting the cannabis industry. Many of the cannabis businesses we work with have complex organizational structures with multiple entities. While our Silver Leaf CBC application, a cannabis ERP built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allows our cannabis customers to take control of their complex requirements, we recognized that they need more tools to help manage multiple operations that make up their businesses. With Silverware Company Central, you can manage multiple cannabis companies in Dynamics Business Central. Better yet, Silver Leaf CBC comes prebaked with this application.

Simplifying multi-company management for cannabis companies

Silverware Inc. works with several cannabis companies that operate more than one entity, and we see the challenges and inefficiencies from managing and inputting separate updates. These challenges inspired our team to develop an application that would not only increase multi-company efficiency, but also help improve accuracy beyond the base inter-company functionality Business Central offers.

The reality is cannabis companies face many obstacles, including, but not limited to, compliance, quality control, and finance and accounting requirements, to name but a few. We recognize the labor intensity required, especially when it involves multi-company management. We also see how cumbersome it is for growing cannabis companies that are expanding their operations. Utilizing the Silverware Company Central app eliminates the need to make manual updates.

Key features and functions of Silverware Company Central

Silverware Company Central allows users to perform several standard tasks from one central location. Here is a list of some of the key features that no longer need to be repeated separately for each business entity:

  • Update posting dates in General Ledger setup for multiple companies, while setting user specific posting date ranges
  • Add new dimensions
  • Add new accounts to a chart of accounts automatically to other companies in your database
  • Replicate user setup records to other companies
  • View posted batches across companies
  • Automatically post General Journals on a schedule via job queues
  • Sync data from multiple companies

This level of functionality allows businesses to run at full capacity, while giving management peace of mind that cannabis operations are compliant in all areas, with the data and records easily accessible to prove it.

To learn more about the benefits of Silverware Company Central and how it is an asset to any Business Central user with multiple companies, click here to view use case examples in our data sheet. 

Save time and increase visibility and value

If your organization manages data for more than one company and maintains a database for multiple legal entities, we recommend you watch our full demo here.

Working in a vacuum never benefits anyone. If your organization has many BC users, we also recommend looking at our Change Tracking application. The tool automatically creates an audit trail when a record is added, changed, or deleted. It allows users to easily see who made the change, when the change occurred and to view its previous value. Visibility is key across all facets of the organization, especially a multi-entity one, and this solution provides that accountability with both your business and cannabis ERP. One cannabis client described it as life-changing! Silverware’s Change Tracking tool allows users to see a complete record of every change made to their Business Central tables; a definite asset if you manage multiple cannabis companies in Dynamics Business Central.

Silverware Inc. partnership promise

Silverware Inc. is committed to delivering solutions that support its partners business goals. As your company grows and adds new entities, your systems and processes need to evolve. As an ERP partner, our job is to help you scale that business and identify the disparities. Our objective is to build lifetime partnerships and we can confidently say that Silverware Inc. is still working with its very first client 30+ years later.

Silverware Inc.’s Apps for Business Central are available via Microsoft’s AppSource and you can get started by requesting free trials here. Our apps support the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Realize Your Future. Together.

At Silverware Inc., we outline the optimal timeline and processes for an organization and its multiple businesses. If you too believe that streamlining operations is the best way to realize your business goals or you need assistance to manage multiple cannabis companies in Dynamics Business Central, then contact us here. You can also check us out on YouTube for more demos and also find us on Twitter and LinkedIn.