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seed-to-sale software comparisonIf you are looking for a seed-to-sale software comparison, you may want to rethink the question. Seed to sale software is not everything you may want.First on the scene years ago, seed-to-sale software was built to track marijuana plants and products quite literally from seedling to final sale, to help cannabis businesses comply with state tracking regulations. As such, cannabis businesses could be forgiven for thinking that seed-to-sale software is required to run a compliant operation. While cannabis businesses are unique, in most ways they are no different than other manufacturers that must track and trace their raw materials, lots and finished goods throughout the supply chain. We’re here to tell you that you do not need seed-to-sale software; you need an integrated business management solution that will manage every aspect of your business, including compliance. You need Cannabis ERP.

Seed-to-sale software misses the mark

Seed-to-sale software systems lack the accounting functionality that every business needs. This leads some cannabis business startups to invest in both a seed-to-sale application and an entry-level accounting package like QuickBooks. The narrow focus of seed-to-sale systems and entry-level software hamper your ability to adapt to the changing cannabis landscape, forcing you to track part of your business outside of the software — in spreadsheets or other applications — which limits your ability to be innovative, efficient, and nimble. Simply put, neither seed-to-sale software nor QuickBooks are ERP, and ERP is what a modern cannabis business needs.

Seed-to-sale systems are really compliance systems, and while compliance in the cannabis industry is important, there’s much more required to run a successful and profitable operation. Today’s modern manufacturers and distributors — and that includes you — need the end-to-end integrated functionality (including compliance capabilities) that a robust Cannabis ERP solution delivers.

Cannabis ERP gets high marks

Depending on the segment of the cannabis industry you’re operating in, you will need functionality in inventory management, production costing, lot traceability and control, warehouse management, bill of material (BOM) management, quality control, and finance and accounting. And you’ll want to be sure the solution you select offers flexibility and configurability that allow you to adapt to meet the rapidly evolving business climate of the cannabis industry. This type of functionality and flexibility cannot be found in a combination of entry-level accounting software and seed-to-sale software, but it can be found in Cannabis ERP.

But what about compliance?

It’s understandable that you’re concerned about obtaining and retaining compliance, and since seed-to-sale applications are promoted as compliance systems, it’s not hard to see why you’d seek one out. But seed-to-sale systems are not the only path to compliance.

Seed-to-sale systems typically provide an interface to Metrc, a regulatory system used by many of the states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal. Cannabis businesses must provide the Metrc database with information about what they are growing, making, and selling. The requirement to report to Metrc is one of the primary reasons cannabis businesses seek out seed-to-sale systems.

However, Cannabis ERP applications also offer this integration, enabling you to adhere to the rules, regulations and statutes of your state, while also providing the end-to-end functionality that let you run a successful and compliant business, not just a compliant business.

Higher-level solution

You are a processor, manufacturer and a distributor at your core, so functionality that supports those critical areas is vital to your overall success. While most seed-to-sale systems’ functionality extends only to the tracking of plants and products, a true Cannabis ERP solution incorporates the comprehensive functionality that every manufacturer and/or distributor needs.

So, if you’re still thinking you should be making a seed-to-sale software comparison, we encourage you to think higher. What you need is a robust ERP solution that incorporates the necessary product tracking with the features and functionality today’s cannabis businesses need to compete and succeed.

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