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Lab tech performing cannabis quality of glass ampoulesAs the cannabis industry flourishes, we’re recognizing a pattern of factors that shape the long-term success and viability of the brands that rise to the top. The most significant of these factors is quality. We’ve written extensively about operational excellence and cannabis quality control practices. The topic deserves this focus because the foundation of great brands begins with a company’s ability to execute operational excellence—of which quality control plays a central and defining role.

Product testing is a fundamental part of cannabis quality management, but we’ve found that our customers want to do more than just test their product. They want to use the testing data to inform and guide their overall quality strategy. We’ve worked with cannabis businesses to help them accrue and analyze this information for years, and now we’ve packaged the most impactful features into a discrete module, Silverware Quality Control (QC), available on Business Central. With Silverware QC, cannabis operators can use their testing data to build and deliver consistently high-quality products.

Flexible to meet multiple audiences and changing regulations 

While most states require testing, some companies go further than required minimums to ensure their products are free from harmful ingredients and meet an above-average level of quality and potency. Many producers now routinely test their products for pesticides, herbicides, cannabinoid content and screening, residual solvents, heavy metals, microbiological screens, moisture content and more—not because they are required to, but because it makes smart business sense to do so.

Quality-conscious consumers continue to demand higher levels of quality and consistency that may go beyond what is required by the state. Maintaining a strong focus on your quality and communicating it to savvy consumers will keep your brand relevant as client/patient education increases.

Additionally, government entities will engage further over time, changing what they measure and how they measure it. Watching how the FDA regulates hemp will be a good indicator of how we can expect the government to monitor cannabis. Whichever direction the regulators take, the Silverware QC module can accommodate, providing the flexibility to define testing attributes and tolerances.

Extend and reinforce your quality management efforts 

Effective cannabis quality management programs go beyond compliance testing. They can be extended to incorporate workflows and procedures that increase process repeatability, make outputs more predictable, reduce defects, and ensure your products—and all aspects of your products—meet your standards and your customers’ expectations every time.

The Silverware QC module supports these processes by first collecting the data used for monitoring, detecting and reducing errors during every process in your operations. You create specified tolerances (or acceptable limits) for each process. When these tolerances are met, the product moves on in production. If a product fails these tolerances, it is identified and prevented from moving forward, keeping the quality of your finished goods consistently high.

Optimize and launch new products 

Another advantage of an integrated approach to quality management is the ability to use what you’ve learned to successfully launch and optimize new products.

Data gathered from testing at various stages provides key product information that can be used during product development. Using the Silverware QC module, you can track testing results for use in root cause analysis, analyze data for effective strategic decisions on product offerings, and manage changes on products over time. Furthermore, quality managers can establish a library of these tests and respective results. Effecting change in an existing product or introducing new products is faster and easier using historic information to build from. The Silverware QC module keeps this information organized and accessible as needed.

Effective quarantine management  

Regardless of how effective your cannabis quality control measures are, product recalls, defects, and other problems can arise. How companies respond to these issues is vital; successful management extends beyond the creation of the product into identifying, tracking, and responding to issues throughout a product’s lifecycle.

The Silverware QC module supports quality management efforts by identifying lots with defects and providing key data points, allowing cannabis companies to initiate a formal recall and quarantine response.

Consistent quality is vital to long-term success of your cannabis business. Cannabis quality control goes beyond meeting compliance mandates—consumers are becoming as demanding as regulators. Meeting those demands requires a quality management program that includes stringent control measures. By providing extensive testing, recording and analysis functionality, the new Silverware QC module makes a valuable addition to your organization’s overall quality management efforts. Contact us to learn more or schedule a demonstration.

Silverware Cannabis Quality Control – Key Features:

  • User definable test groups & results
  • Delivery tracking on samples that go to the lab
  • Multiple COA layouts
  • QC approval process
  • Re-processing for failed lots
  • Lab billing reconciliation
  • Internal control on product use
  • Quarantine management
  • Re-testing
  • Product destruction tracking